Spider Deterrents and Killer Products: How to Reduce Your Arachnophobia

Spider DeterrentsSpiders cause in people absolutely diverse reactions. Some love them and even keep ornamental spiders at home as pests, others are absolutely indifferent to them, while, definitely, there is someone who is able to faint, seeing a spider crawling across the wall. There are plenty of spiders’ species, and some of them bring only good or are harmless to people. Yet there are those dangerous and poisonous ones.

Anyway, if spiders bother you, it’s better to keep them away from your home and its surroundings. Depending on your attitude towards spiders you may apply a spider deterrent, keeping these insects away or spider killer products if you are a proponent of radical actions against pests.

What Works As a Spider Deterrent?

  • Dried peels from citrus fruit act as a spider repellent. Put them in the corners of your home.
  • Essential oils, extracted from citrus fruit (orange, lime, lemon) and lavender oil are excellent natural remedies to prepare a homemade spider repellent. 5 drops of any essential oil and 5 tablespoons of any natural soap are added to a quart of water to get a great natural anti spider spray.
  • Test chestnuts, ground cloves around the perimeter of your dwelling indoors or outdoors over the areas where you spot spiders.
  • Make an infusion of chewing tobacco. Leave tobacco in boiling water for about 15 minutes. After the infusion cools down, to 2 parts of the infusion add 1 part of natural liquid soap. Mix thoroughly and apply as spray.
  • Spiders don’t like sharp air flow. Blow through the corners and on the spiders which crawled out with a hair dryer.
  • Clean your home. Vacuum the corners, cracks and crevices, and spiders will have fewer chances to find shelter in your home.

If spiders make your life intolerable or you are simply afraid of them to death, it’s time you picked effective pest control remedies to kill spiders.

Spider Killer Products

Spider Killer Products

  • For families with little kids it’s highly recommended to avoid application of chemical pest insecticides. Such remedies as Diatomaceous earth or melanotan, which is powder with tiniest particles of ocean diatoms, have shown excellent results for natural pest control. The powder is absolutely safe for humans and pets while being fatal to insects, injuring their bodies, producing a desiccant action and causing their death. There are special appliances – dusters, used to spread the dust throughout.
  • Aerosol Sprays are used for instant killing of pests both indoors and outdoors. For example, CY-Kick Aerosol with Cyfluthrin compound possesses no odor, is convenient for application in cracks and crevices. It leaves a film on the surfaces and produces an effect, lasting for weeks.
  • If you are looking for odorless and stainless products, opt for liquid insecticide, like Conquer Liquid Insecticide with Estenvalerqate active ingredient. This liquid insecticide is effective not only against spiders but also against a wide range of other pests, in case you need a complex approach towards pest control and their prevention on your property.
  • Cobweb eliminators contain natural essential oils, vinegar, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, alcohol to control webs formation. These remedies are stainless, with pleasant odor that fades away quickly. Cobweb eliminators may be used anywhere to maintain cleanliness and neatness inside your home and outside.
  • There are special spider control kits, including a set of remedies, leaving no chance to spiders. A kit typically consists of dust or powder, killing spiders physically, aerosol for application in cracks and crevices and a non-toxic glue insect trap with trapper monitoring. Shop around for such a kit to have in your arsenal everything necessary for spider eradication.

As you see, your choice of spider deterrents or spider killer products is practically unlimited. You may opt for natural spider deterrents and apply them regularly or resort to insecticides with chemical compounds for the application that will produce a more long-lasting effect.

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